Past year was very good to us. For a small independent Magento agency based in Croatia we had some big wins. If you like good stories and want to know what’s coming up, read on.

First Magento Commerce (ex Magento Enterprise) in Croatia

Right off the bat, 2017 started with the biggest project we’ve ever done.
One of Croatia’s biggest retail chain approached us to create their e-commerce channel and then support them while they grow.

When you get a chance like that you give all you’ve got and then some. Partnered with our colleagues from Protoyp to handle the design and discovery project phase. The result is a modern, responsive enterprise e-commerce channel integrated with their corporate site.

It took a lot of effort on both sides to make the project a success:

  • Bespoke ERP Integration
  • Pimcore Integration
  • Site design
  • E-commerce consulting
  • Client Education and training

Although not live, yet (introducing a few features) before the imminent launch in Q1, the overall happiness on both sides is evident. I mean, you don’t holiday gifts like this for being naughty or bad.

Things will definitely be different for e-commerce in Croatia, we’re glad to be a part of that positive change.

Partnered with a German development company

What started rather shy as just another lead it rapidly developed into a fruitful business relationship.
It is no secret  that good e-commerce developers, especially Magento developers are hard to find and keep.

That’s why our German partner reached out to us in the first place. After a brief period of getting to know each other it was clear that our knowledge and capabilities matched the needs of the German market.

This cooperation introduced us to the B2B market for the first time. The result was creating digital business solutions that directly affect the bottom line for their stakeholders.

Even bigger plans for this year.

Pimcore - Our new core competence to complement Magento

Pimcore is a perfect open source solution for every e-commerce company and then some. Fell in love with it’s flexibility and versatility it from day one. In my opinion, complements Magento where it currently lacks for big retailers.

NEW Magento extensions

Apart from our already established “Revo” extension, “Adaptive Resize”  and “Strive” theme, we managed to release two new ones:

As soon as Magento marketplace publishing process goes to normal, they will be released there.

Looking forward to 2018.

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