It took ten years for this Amazon patent to expire. Thanks to "Creatuity" and Magento Inc. the rest of us can now finally make use of it. Magento instant purchase is now available for free with the latest Magento version released this year on December 12. Magento calls it "Streamlined Instant Purchase Checkout", available for "Open Source" and "Commerce" installations.

Understanding the advantages with this "Amazon like" convenience for your returning customers is really a no brainer. For all customers that already trust your brand with their payment details it's a win. Other customers might get an incentive storing their payment details as well.

How it works for your customer:

All the customer has to do is reach the product page, hit the designated Instant purchase button and confirm the order, and after the order is successful, a message appears on the same page. No unnecessary visits to cart page or checkout page. I personally missed the "Thank you page" but hey, maybe it's just me.

According to the official Magento blog post, the time to purchase is shortened up to 90%. Expect mobile sales increase since mobile is where the friction is most prominent.

NOTE: In order for the customer to purchase instantly these conditions must be met:

  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer has default shipping and billing address are on record
  • Customer has valid stored payment method with instant purchase support

How it works for you:

Out of the box Magento instant purchase uses Braintree Vault available with Braintree CC, Braintree PayPal and PayPal Payflow Pro for payment information that is already stored.
However, instant purchase may be implemented for any payment method with vault support.

Enabled it by going to: Store / Configurations / Sales / Sales / Instant Purchase

After enabling, you can additionally customise the button text to suit your needs.

Further customisations of course demand additional development work. This is already possible since almost all aspects of Instant purchase are available for advanced customisations.

Finally, that "Buy now" copy on your CTA button actually means what it says.

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