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A successful migration and redesign from a custom CMS solution to Magento 2 Commerce (ex. Enterprise) with Microsoft AX integration.

Long awaited redesign and re-platforming of their highly popular Webshop on the latest version of Magento 2.

Emmezeta.hr now runs on a modern e-commerce platform.

Visit live site: emmezeta.hr

Design & Development

Site redesign is always a high risk operation. Add to that a completely new platform and you get a serious task on your hands. Luckily, Emmezeta decided to go with Magento which made a smooth transition a reality.

The plan was to keep as much of the same site structure while applying the new UX direction and design. The reason to keep it almost the same was consumer habits. Emmezeta has a good track record with their customers and wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible for their customers on day one.

The Launch

It was a success. The very first moment we switched to the new site, orders came in just like on any other day. Users found their way through the Checkout process and their "old" accounts worked seamlessly.

With introduction of Microsoft AX into their business flow, running and administrating their Webshop got easier and more robust. Their procurement, sales and marketing departments now have less work administrating the Webshop.

Custom features and integrations:.

  • Full Microsoft AX ERP Integration
  • In store PickUp
  • Customised checkout
  • Wordpres and Magento Integration
  • Blog and News sections

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