Framespage is committed to providing the best online shopping experience.

Providing the best user experience for their customers is at the core of FRAMES business.

We jumped in and created a Progressive Web Application.

When applied diligently, headless e-commerce makes all the difference.

The future is now

When they first approached us it was clear that the project will be a massive undertaking.

This was back in mid 2018. while Magento still didn't have a clearly communicated vision of what their PWA Studio is.

Even after their update, we're glad that we've created our own Magento PWA product.

Sites features that were introduced:

  • Virtual try-on - powered by Augmented reality
  • Progressive Web Application - As the storefront built on React
  • Wordpress integration - The blog section
  • Magento integration - Multi website - Croatia, Romania and the rest of the EU

Combining Magento 2 with a standalone Progressive Web Application as a storefront and making it work with Wordpress makes a complete package altogether.

A modern, component-based web application with Magento 2 and Wordpress, allows Framespage a competitive edge.

Magento Website switcher in action.

Some technical info

Tech stack and Lighthouse metrics: was built on top of our soon to be released open Source project: StrivePWA.

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Magento 2 Community Edition
  • Wordpress

As you might know already, PWAs are built to outperform good old websites. However, making it SEO friendly demands diligence. Let's look at the Lighthouse score prior to launch:

SEO score high SEO score across the site is due to the fact that as fas as the browser is concerned, search engines while crawling the site see everything is in place SEO wise.

This is due to servers side rendering of HTML code.

  • Category page: 100/100
  • Product page: 92/100
  • Blog: 92/100

*Data provided by Lighthouse using Emulated Nexus 5X, Simulated Slow 4g network.

Screenshot time: PWA SEO score
There is still room for improvement but it's pretty remarkable.

Progressive Web app metrics:

As far as the overall performance metrics are concerned, the following results were pretty close to perfect on the launch day:


First Contentful Paint: 1.2s
First Meaningful paint: 1.3s

Speed Index: 1.4s

Magento compatibility

If you are familiar with the development of Magento in the past three years, you already know that it is not quite there yet when it comes to API for your Progressive Web application.

That is why we had to expand Magento 2 API to accommodate must have features for Framespage market needs:

  • Multi Website support with Multi store and multi store view
  • Catalog and Cart rules AKA Promotions support
  • Fully functional My account section
  • CMS Pages and static blocks support
  • Coupon code support