Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a delicate matter.

Due to the change in Magento 2 architecture, it is more of a re-platform than an upgrade.

Here are the 4 key areas of the migration process covered by Magento 2 migration service:

Store migration

Moving your Stuff over

Team at Magento developed an indispensable tool for a successful migration that covers these three areas:

1. Store settings migration
2. Inital Store Data migration - Products, Customers & orders
3. Delta migration - Incremental data migration after the inital one

Ref: The Tool verifies consistency between Magento 1 and 2 database structures (tables and fields), tracks the data transfer progress, creates logs, and runs data verification tests.

Frontend theme rebuild

Time for those long awaited UX updates

Site architecture change reflects on Magento 2 frontend theme as well.
Therefore, your Magento 1 frontend theme needs to be rebuilt.

- New and streamlined checkout experience
- Full page caching built-in

Note: Although Magento frontend can be served via built in Full Page Cache delivery system, Magento recommends using Varnish for ultimate performance benefits.

Magento 2 extensions

Magento extension store & Custom builds

Depending on how many of each you already have, all of them need to be taken care of. Just as with the theme rebuild, it is a great opportunity for a cleanup.

Decide which extensions to remove, build custom ones or choose extensions from Magento marketplace.

Useful info: Find out about extension usage across Magento editions as per Magento Inc. survey.

Quality assurance

Testing, optimization & Launch

Your store needs to be tested against bugs and tweaked for best performance.

We use an iterative process that ends once all tests are passed. Finally, performance optimization is the last step before the actual launch.

Useful info: Magento invests serious effort in delivering the best experience for your customers. Here are all the areas Magento provides quality assurance for: Magento testing guide.



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