Magento 2 Product slider is HERE!

Željko Prša E-commerce, Magento 2 Comments

It is our pleasure to announce version 1.0.0 of our first “Magento 2” extension.

As a part of “Trive” investment in Magento 2, what better way to get up to speed than creating a product that will help store owners and add value to the Magento Community. Author is our CTO Tomislav Grgić.

Relevant product suggestions throughout the store are what majority of customers are expecting.

Product slider makes it easy to display and manage products. Whether you want to display product based on the system values (Bestsellers for example) or create a completely new slider by manually adding products, it’s up to you.

Demo screenshot

It enables store owners to display their featured products, bestsellers, products on sale and much more.

My favorite part is that you can combine the two approaches in one slider. Pick and choose products you want to display in addition to those displayed directly from the system. This comes in handy when you want to prioritize certain products.

Feature list:

  • Schedule slider – Publish on specific date and time
  • Place anywhere – Or exclude from an area like the checkout and cart
  • Place easily – using either XML, .phtml or a widget
  • Display products in a default basic grid if needed
  • 🎉 Slider effects – Choose any you like
  • Pick and choose – Add products manually
    For example: Your online channel just launched and Magento doesn’t have a clue which your bestseller products are.
  • General settings – One set of settings to rule them all
  • Per slider settings – Exclude from the general rules

TL:DR – The extension is available on github. Feel free to contribute.

LIVE demos can be found here:

Frontend DEMO

Backend DEMO

Admin Credentials:

user: demo

pass: demo123