What’s with all the buzz?

PWAs are the next big thing in web development.
Reliable, fast and engaging, they blur the line between native apps and the web.
As browsers gain more access to native devices features the line will eventually vanish.

The problem with native apps:

  • App fatigue - 50% of users download ZERO apps per month while other half downloads 2-3 apps each month.
  • App store discovery - Good luck competing on the app store. 
  • Appetitis - Build one for the web, one for the iOS, one for the Android and then possibly one for the desktop as well? 

The PWA solution:

  • No app, no fatigue: No need to download the app. It’s a web page you can install on your home screen.
  • Web discovery - You are already on the web, use SEO, ads and the power of sharing to get discovered
  • One app to rule them all - Cut your costs significantly and provide the best web UX from a single code base. Deliver a unified UX to Desktop & Mobile

Headless e-commerce

Headless eCommerce is a term that describes a front-end site (a PWA for example) which is de-coupled from a e-commerce platform or any other CMS.
The separation between frontend and backend, empowers a retailer with infinite flexibility and longevity of the stores UX, allows serving rich content consistently.


Loads instantly

Well built PWAs directly increase revenue.

Their underlaying technology enables fast load times even on 2G mobile network.

Use this Google tool to test your site.


Works offline

Speed is great. What’s even better is being able to use the app when the network is slow or unaccesible.

PWAs can indirectly impact the perception of your brand.



Desktop, mobile or tablet notifications directly to any logged in user. Just like we are used to with native apps.


Part of any device

Cross device & platform by default.

PWAs are essentially websites that run on any modern browser.

Pevec loyalty PWA

A Progressive Web Application for their Loyalty membership program.

Powered by our PWA storefront, Magento and Wordpress.

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