About us

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Trive d.o.o. is based in Osijek, Croatia. Most of our full-time employees work from our Osijek office, while we also have access to a rich talent pool of external specialists that work with us on challenging projects for our clients worldwide.


Trive’s Story

Learn more about Trive – where we come from, where we are now, and what we believe is ahead of us.


Would you like to work with us?

Learn more about our hiring process, benefits we offer, and see if you are a good match for one of the roles we’re currently looking to fill – in-house or remote.


Simple and Fast

Our hiring process doesn’t take you through rounds and rounds of interviews. One timed test will tell us if you’re a good fit for us.


We don’t have a ping pong table 🙁

But we have fully transparent finances. Each employee can see exactly how much the company has made, how much it’s spending and where the money goes to.

This enables us to give you what we believe is the best benefit out there – the maximum amount of money company can afford to give you. If you want a table tennis table just go ahead and buy yourself one. Or spend your money on something else.

Full time employees get to choose their own equipment within the allocated budget.

A powerful professional coffee machine is in our office to provide you with unlimited amount of coffee during the day.

Fridge is full of water and isotonic drinks.

Full & Part time

We make it work

You would like to join us on a part time bases? This is also an option for us and it works fine for some of our teammates!

In house & Remote

Work from your parent’s basement

Or from your apartment. Or from a tropical paradise. Or from our Osijek office. We don’t care as long as you get the job done.


Time to meet

Head over to our careers section and introduce yourself.

In house education

You are not alone

Helping each other is a big part of Trive’s culture. There are seniors ready to help you grow. And if you are a good mach for us, you will be helping new guys grow one day as well.