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A successful migration and redesign from a custom CMS solution to Magento 2 Commerce (ex. Enterprise) with Microsoft AX integration.

Site redesign is always a high-risk operation. Add to that a completely new platform and you get a serious task on your hands. Luckily, Emmezeta decided to go with Magento which made a smooth transition a reality.

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eFurniture is a Berlin-based furniture producer that provides premium custom-made furniture.

Company owns multiple brands, all of which have a unique philosophy and strategy, What started as a small family business ultimately grew to 15 physical stores across Germany and a strong online presence.

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Our first Magento 2 Commerce project and it turned out to be a huge success for all. Since the launch, Pevex website has been growing rapidly in users and purchases.

Using the agile software development methodology, we worked with Pevex team to create a bespoke e-commerce store as well as their corporate website.

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Pevex loyalty app

PWA Loyalty app is the result of their continued effort in transforming their digital presence. This time, Pevex is leading the pack by following the trends and at the same time betting on the winning technology.

Their request was simple yet so profound: "Can you make it so that our customers don't have to download and install it? Just use the app whenever they want."

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