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Full & Part time

Working at Trive

Join us full time or part time, in our office or remote. On this page you can learn more about what Trive can offer you.

Full time vs part time

While we offer both full time and part time employment or cooperation (part time in this case means you join us as a contractor), we would prefer if you worked with us full time.

For this reason, our full time employees enjoy the benefits listed below which we can not offer to our part time contractors.

Competitive salary

As much as we can give you

We strive to keep our overhead costs as low as possible to be able to use most of our revenue to pay our employees.

We don’t employ a lot of non-billable staff which enables us to give a much larger percentage of what you earn for the company to you compared to other agencies.


In salaries and cash flow

Each employee at Trive knows exactly how much everyone in the company earns and has access to cash flow spreadsheet.

On top of that – there’s a daily report with exact salary calculation (including bonuses) based on current performance.

Flexible work hours and location

Wake up when you want, where you want

Senior roles at Trive have the flexibility to work from wherever they want whenever they don’t feel like coming to the office if they wish.

They also don’t have fixed working hours. As long as you do the job, we don’t care if you’ll wake up early and finish early or start the work later and finish later in the day.

Fair bonuses and promotions

We let the numbers decide your faith

If you want to work more than what is required for your role you are welcome to do so.

Each billable hour you do above the required hours for your role will add to your monthly salary for that month as well as increase the XP which adds recurring monthly increase to your salary and is passed by from month to month.

The consistent ability to exceed expectations for your role in terms of monthly billable hours will automatically enable you to be offered a promotion.

No need to negotiate promotions, it all happens automatically and with no subjective bias from superiors.