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Magento 1 EOL 🙁

Even though Magento 1 (Open Source and Commerce) reached its official end of life (EOL) date on June 30, 2020 we at Trive recognise that some merchants are not in a position to migrate to alternative solution or upgrade to Magento 2.

For this reason Trive will continue to support these merchants in maintaining or developing their Magento 1 websites while migrating evertything to Magento 2.

If you are a merchant that is not ready to switch to different platform but wants to modernize, keep reading, we are here for you!

These are the type of Magento 1 services Trive helps our clients with:

  • Maintenance of existing Magento 1 custom code or extensions that broke or stopped working
  • Frontend improvements
  • Synchronisation with 3rd party systems (ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, marketing software, etc.)
  • Infrastructure maintenance and DevOps services for Magento 1
  • Consulting regarding the best (or most cost effective) way to achieve something you need in Magento 1
  • Assistance in figuring out a plan for migration away from legacy Magento 1

Magento 1 FaQ

Will you at some point stop supporting Magento 1 merchants?

At this moment we have no plans of discontinuing our support for Magento 1 merchants as long as we start with migration to Magento 2. Rest assured, if we did we would notify you as our client in time and do our best to find you a proper alternative to continue thriving with your online business.

How much does it cost to maintain my Magento 1 website?

The exact cost depends on many factors such as complexity of your current setup (amount of extensions and custom code, integrations) but it boils down to how many hours of our time you need per month and multiplied by our hourly rate.

We do not charge you anything extra just because you are on legacy Magento 1 platform, you are treated the same way as clients on Magento 2 platform.

Should I upgrade to Magento 2 or migrate to alternative platforms?

This depends on your business needs. Speak to us about your situation and goals. We can help you figure out the best next step for your business. We have your best interest in mind as we don’t have any incentive to recommend one solution over the other, we can help you figure out the optimal one for your specific needs even if we’re not going to be implementing it.