UPDATE: PageBuilder is now available exclusively within Magento Commerce 2.3.1 and up.

BlueFoot is a page builder and CMS for Magento 2. It enables easy content editing, with drag&drop functionality and flexible row/column layouts.

This means that anyone can create a page on Magento without the need to know Magento specifics in terms of styling, layouts, blocks, widgets and so on. Now even your "marketing guy" can draft a page, preview it in admin, much like in any other CMS system out there, like Wordpress.

After tremendous success on Magento 1, it was built for Magento 2 as well. Suffice to say, it was disrupting enough that Magento decided to acquire the product in December of 2015. and integrate it within Magento core.

It is expected to be released as part of Magento 2.3 CE (basic features only) and Magento 2.3 EE (advanced features).

Until then, did you know that you can get it for free if you're a M2 Enterprise Edition customer? This one went under our radar as well.
Having one of our current EE projects close to launch, it's a great addition to our client's content management and marketing team toolset.

There are currently two ways to get Bluefoot CMS for Magento 2:

  1. Download via Partner portal
  2. Install via composer (use your EE credentials)

"composer require gene/bluefoot"
"bin/magento module:enable Gene_Bluefoot"

Immediately after module installation, you'll see the "Activate BlueFoot" on all of your CMS pages and CMS blocks in the back-office.

Click on the button and open a whole new world of possibilities for editing your CMS pages. There's even an in-admin live preview of your work, before you even publish it.

The result after a few minutes of working with BlueFoot CMS is a banner slider with our custom text and link, and a search widget on any page or block we want.

You can find more tutorials on how to use Bluefoot on Gene Vimeo page or BlueFoot web page Pagebuilder.

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