Why spend more time installing when you can spend your time on development?

When you can't use vagrant or you're just a purist.

This little script  will auto install Magento & Waterlee boilerplate that we use mostly for quick module testing, fast dev environment installation etc.

Script was meant to be called with two parameters, one for Magento installation folder name and second for MySQL database name which will be used by Magento like it is shown on picture below.

What it does:

  • Downloads and installs the latest version of Magento (v into desired folder ( parameter $1)
  • Changes the permissions of media var & app/etc folder
  • Initialises empty git repository, adds the remote and pulls Waterlee boilerplate repo which is updated and compatibile with last version of Magento.
  • Creates desired MySQL database for Magento (parameter $2)
  • Removes downloaded magento- file.


Only two things you'll need to change in the script are  your mysql username and password  with assumption that  you have git installed. The script needs to have permission to write so chmod at least to "744".

Running the script

After you've  entered the data,  run './mage-script.sh folder_name db_name' and it should seem something like this!

Your Magento should now be easily installed via web installation.

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