This is our internal list of trusted and valuable extensions we recommend to our clients. It is not a review of each extension although every one of them has been proven to deliver.

Did I mention they are all FREE and 100% safe to install?

They are, one of the reasons we love them.

Magento WordPress Integration

Developed by: Fishpig

What is it for: Integrate Magento and Wordpress seamlessly

Now this extension is iconic. Integrates the best open source e-commerce platform with the best open source blogging platform into one inbound marketing conversion machine. Too much? Not at all.

In my 7 years of working with Magento, every time a customer asks what can be done to connect Wordpress and Magento this one is the default answer.

Key features:

  • Full integration - Fits the site’s theme like a glove
  • Associate your products and posts, categories, pages all over your store
  • One click Wordpress login from the Magento admin
  • All the benefits of Wordpress as a standalone installation

“Picked in the top 5 Magento extensions by Magento staff in the first ever Magento Staff Picks!”

Wordpress Magento Integration by Fishpig


SERP Editor

Developed by mgt-commerce

What is it for: Gives you SERP preview for products

Improving your CTR (Click Through Rate) is the best thing you can do to help improve your conversion rates. Therefor, if you want more sales make sure your product page’s meta titles, keywords and description are clear and actionable.

Writing all of that can be a lot more fun and insightful when you get the immediate result example in real time while entering the text.


Delete Orders

Developed by by MGT-Commerce

What is it for: Enables deleting orders from the admin

You need to delete those test orders, as a store owner, store manager, developer.

Possible scenarios when you need to frequently delete orders: testing that shiny new payment module, testing a new feature of the site, triggering sending transactional emails etc. Deleting orders from the database is risky and you probably would need a developer to do it anyway.

Why not make your life easier and have it at your finger tips?


Yotpo Product reviews

Developed by Yotpo

What is it for: Integrates Yotpo reviews with Magento

Good reviews drive conversions, that’s a fact, especially when they are managed with "Yotpo" which for those who do not know generates customer content based on reviews.

This extension makes it easy to integrate it with your Magento and works seamlessly with your products.

One of the best parts is that it has support for many languages which defined per store view.



Developed by Gordon Lesti

What is it for: Magento CE Full page caching

Performance of your store is the number one technical factor to consider optimizing. Magento, being vastly extensible has a drawback when it comes to Front-end performance.

Luckily, that is not a problem with Gordon Lest's FPC for Magento CE (Enterprise version has it's own Page cache by default) and it's easy to configure, maintain and install.

Note: If your store is lagging before FPC is installed, it is best to consult with a developer to find the reasons behind it and after those are resolved, proceed to install FPC on your site. There is no magic bullet that will fix underlaying problems in your Magento installation.



Developed by Fabrizio Branca

With Magento 1.9 there’s been an update to how transactional emails are being sent, using a CRON job. That’s why this extension made it to the list since it enables you to cover your bases on all of the CRON jobs and consequently track sending transactional emails as well.

Key Features:

  • Manage CRON jobs
  • Visualize the timeline
  • CLI and a web interface

AOE Scheduler - Schedule configuration

AOE Scheduler Timeline view


These 5 made it to the list for being tested in the battlefield time and time again.

If you feel like it, leave us a comment about that one "must-have" extension you you wouldn't run your store without.

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