eFurniture is a Berlin-based furniture producer that provides premium custom-made furniture.

Company owns multiple brands, all of which have a unique philosophy and strategy. What started as a small family business, ultimately grew to 15 physical stores across Germany and a strong online presence.

Live site: holzconnection.de

Holzconnection is their original brand. It is present in the German market for over 30 years.

Holzconnection is not just a furniture supplier, it has a family history behind it. What Alf Nagel started as a student job in Berlin in the 1970s leads Denys Nagel into the future for several years. With the traditional know-how of a carpenter and the technological standards of a start-up. This makes Holzconnection one of the leading German providers of custom furniture.

Denys Nagel needed a team that can tightly work with his in-house design team and marketing experts.

  • Project management/ownership
  • Magento 1 Frontend development
  • Magento 1 maintenance
  • Legacy custom feature development and maintenance

Work in progress:

While maintaning a complex marketing/e-commerce system like holzconnection was in our initial agreement, we wanted Denys and his team have their new designs and brands done in a fraction of a time, compared to what it is now.

  • Tailor-made page builder
  • Progressive Web Application for the storefront
  • Magento 2 Migration

Combining modern, component-based web development with a leading e-commerce platform will allow Holzconnection to stay ahead of the competition and in line with their philosophy.