Pevex loyalty app


Pevex Loyalty

Their request was simple yet so profound: “Can you make it so that our customers don’t have to download and install it? Just, use the app whenever they want.”

Pevex d.d. is as their slogan says, the First Croatian Retail chain. With their massive catalog and presence in over 22 major cites Pevex is a renowned retail brand in the region.

PWA Loyalty app is the result of their continued effort in transforming their digital presence. This time, Pevex is leading the pack by following the trends and at the same time betting on the winning technology.

Design & Development

Pevex Loyalty app is a standalone Progressive Web application connected with their ERPCRM and Magento Commerce Web shop.

Customers now have their Pevec Loyalty Card with them at all times. Scanner readable virtual card placed on the customers home screen, ready to be used at the checkout.

Web shop special promotions and loyalty prices is a great incentive to use the app beyond having the card in the pocket.


  • Single Sign-on
  • Offline mode
  • Add to home screen
  • Loyalty Catalog browsing
  • Account management
  • Responsive design

Work in progress

At the time we launched their loyalty PWA, we were only setting the grounds. What we are building next, we believe will create a great value for their Loyalty members:

  • Segmented push notifications
  • Personalised push notifications
  • Deeper Magento integration