Magento2 Extension

REVO - Product slider

Ultimate control of products displayed on your shop.

Effortless merchandising utilising Magento 2 widgets:
- Super easy setup
- Dynamic, manual product selection or both.
- Fully Responsive & Adaptive

Need products placed in grid layout? No problem. We've got you covered.

Magento 2 THEME

STRIVE - Magento 2 boilerplate theme

PostCSS based theme, because CSS and Javascript are here to stay longer then the rest. Enjoy fast and hustle free development.

Open source & FREE to use forever.

- Ultra Fast CSS compilation
- BrowserSync ‍
- Child theme support ‍
- Bye, Bye to Magento content deploy during development!
- Minimal footprint ‍
- Additional gulp tasks ‍
- Set of postCSS packages

More in our blog post or head over to Github for installation instructions.


PREV/NEXT - Products

Give your customers freedom to browse through the catalog on the product page.

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